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Valley Die Castings Capabilities


Valley Die Castings, Inc.

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The Visitrak Sure-Trak2 Shot Control System on the machine pictured, is designed to profile and adjust the shot parameters on every cycle.  This ensures consistent shot speeds and pressures with every cycle.  The combination of the high performance shot-end, and the Visitrak shot control, allows us to produce low porosity, thinwall castings with consistency and repeatability.

In our secondary operations department, we perform many value added processes, including: Machining, Tapping, vibratory de-burring, and shot blasting.

 We can develop dedicated machining centers to process parts, with fast cycle speeds, performing multiple operations, using indexing tables or vibratory bowl fed for full automation. We work with local sub-contractors for finishing services such as: painting, plating, and powder coating.  We can also work with assembly operations in Mexico to take advantage of  favorable labor rates

We take the engineered approach to  tooling design and process management,  rather than the typical trial and error approach.  Our VP of Engineering is a former instructor on gating for the North American Die Casting Association, and has written the texts used for gating and casting defects courses.  We have flow simulation software and other advanced tools available. 




Our conventional die casting machines are all equipped with automatic extractors and sprayers for improved efficiency and consistency, and lower operating costs.